The Fourth Voyage (1413-1415)

It is early in the morning. The sky is still dark, and all is quiet. Today is the day, that we will return home. This voyage has been with a very important goal, and we will be honoured when we get home.  With my 63 ships and 28,560 men, we were supposed to reach the Persian Gulf at Hormuz, known to be a city of amazing wealth and goods, including pearls and precious stones much coveted by the Emperor. We have brought back with us a plentiful bounty of trade goods from the Persian Gulf.  We have also sent detachments of this expedition sailing south along the eastern coast of Africa almost as far south as Mozambique. Their purpose is to bring back diplomats from other countries or encourage ambassadors to go to the capital Nanjing on their own. It is time to wake the navigators up, as I yearn to return home as fast as possible, so I must stop here.


2 Responses to “The Fourth Voyage (1413-1415)”

  1. broed Says:

    luv it

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