The First Voyage (1407-1409)

Today is a special day. According to my navigators, they say that we will soon be reaching Nanjing, China. This voyage has taken us 2 years, but we will be returning home soon. I remember the day that we had set off, with my “treasure fleet” containing 62 ships and 27,800 men. We have ventured far and wide, our first stop was at Calicut, known as a major trading center on the southwestern coast of India, which was also founded by a chinese explorer named Hsuan-Tsang in the seventh century.

We stopped in Vietnam, Java, and Malacca, and then headed west across the Indian Ocean to Sri Lanka and Calicut and Cochin (cities on the southwest coast of India). We remained in India to barter and trade from late 1406 to the spring of 1407 when, using the monsoon shift, made our way back home. On the way home, my fleet was forced to battle savages, known as pirates near Sumatra for several months. Just when we thought all hope was lost, my men managed to capture the pirate leader and we are going to take him to the Chinese capital Nanjing. It is not early, and i think it is time for me to turn in…


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