Adventures and Hazards

The adventures that they encountered such as trading and bartering goods in different countries and going to the Persian Gulf at Hormuz, which was known to be a city of amazing wealth and goods, including pearls and precious stones much coveted by the Chinese emperor. The Fleet also went to Africa to trade, which at the time was a very rich country.

The hazards they encountered were such as the pirate attack on their first voyage. Fortunately, they came out unscathed. Also, battling the King of Ceylon and bringing him back to China.

The goal of these voyages was to establish a Chinese presence, impose imperial control over trade, and impress foreign peoples in the Indian Ocean basin. Ultimately, after bartering and trading, and building entrepots and stockades along their route to facilitate trade and storage of goods, they had a considerable amount of control over the trade system in Southeast Asia. Also, they imposed onto the different countries, a Chinese presence as Admiral Cheng Ho, captured the King of Ceylon, made peaceful relations with Malacca and Siam and also brought back diplomats from other countries or encouraged ambassadors to go to the capital Nanjing on their own. Even though Cheng Ho passed away on the return home from his last voyage, he managed to complete the goals which had been set.


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